Two things New Zealanders absolutely love: 1) DIY and 2) shopping.   Can’t purchase what you’re looking for?  Well, chances are a local business has seen that gap in the market and has turned it into a small business.

Yep, New Zealanders have a strong entrepreneurial spirit which is reflected in the fact that a staggering 97 per cent of New Zealand businesses fall into the small business category.  Of this 97 per cent, 70 per cent are sole-traders and the remainder have few employees – between 1-19 in fact.

According to leading economists, it’s a growing trend.  Though small businesses employ just a third of New Zealand’s workforce, they accounted for more than two-thirds of the nations’ jobs growth in 2017-2018.

So where do Corporate Connect play a part in all this?  In a word – experience.  Experience in the corporate sector, education, government projects (Christchurch earthquakes), rural, technology, accident and recovery – you name it, we know it.

  • ‘We get’ that you are looking to grow your business while looking after those loyal customers who played a part in getting where you are today.
  • ‘We get’ you are looking to work more ‘on the business’ than ‘in the business’.
  • ‘We get’ you’re learning along the way and wanting to up-size without going off the rails at speed!
  • ‘We get’ marketing, research or surveys may not be your strong point.

Here are three ways Corporate Connect can help small business owners not just stay on top of their game but excel at it too.

Lead generation

Have an offer you want to shout about?  Our telemarketing team will contact residents in your location to help you convert first time customers into long term customers.  This is wonderful strategy for businesses such as mechanics, beauticians, dentists, new restaurants etc.

Mystery Shopping

Business is going well, but there is something amiss and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Perhaps it’s a problem with delivery times, staff who need specific training or a clunky online store. Mystery shopping can help identify the root of the problem through first-hand experience and detailed reporting.

Database Maintenance

Ten thousand people on your database but only a tenth of them are present customers?  Let us manage your database so it works for you, not overwhelms you.  Discover address changes, long forgotten customers and new staff.

Database maintenance is something a lot of businesses know they should do, but never have the time – especially if you are one of those thousands of small businesses where everyone is wearing several hats – especially you!

Find out more about how we can help your small business at a pace and budget to suit.