New year new opportunities.   Let’s get this year started and take our challenges from 2020 and return them into a chance to grow.

Have a clear vision

This is your elevation pitch.  It should be noticeably clear to everyone (yes, staff and customers) what your business stands for and the problems it solves in the time it takes to go from ground floor to level 7.

Like many, the course of your business probably changed due to Covid19.  Perhaps the team is working from home more or your products and/or services have adapted to meet greater online demand.  Whatever 2020 threw at you make sure your staff and customers know where you are at and where you are going.

This is a great opportunity to find out how each division of your business sees the business and update the business plan accordingly.

Focus on creating a Circular Economy

First of all, what is a circular economy?  The Ministry of Environment probably explains it best “ensure we can unmake everything we make”.  The outdated linear economy takes – makes – creates waste. Whereas the circular economy makes – consumes – returns (or enriches).  Today’s successful businesses focus on out-designing waste.

Looking at the entire life cycle of a product or service is more important than ever before. Reassessing how it is made, who made it, what is the end result of the packaging, and how can you reuse the materials?

Continue to upskill your staff

Whether its education about the industry, introducing new software, online tutorials, or your contact points (social channels, telephone, email etc) need some strategic planning, make your staff feel important and engaged with continued education.

If each of them learns one new thing you will have created a team who ask more questions and want to learn more.  And this will benefit your customers in the long run.

If you need help with training, Corporate Connect help customer-focused organisations build strong, profitable relationships.  Chat with us today and make 2021 a year of change and success.