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  • Email-marketing-tools

Email Marketing Tools To Connect With Customers

By |21/04/22|

Talk to any marketing manager and they’ll tell you the importance of the creation and maintenance of customer touchpoints. Email marketing may sound like an old hat but it’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to maintain connections with clients and customers. Email marketing

  • How B2B businesses can grow their email lists

How B2B Businesses Can Grow Their Email Lists

By |27/03/22|

If you build a B2B email marketing list full of useful contacts and potential leads, your business will be better able to communicate with your audience and increase your conversion rate. Here’s how your business can attract more email subscribers. Can I buy B2B

  • 5 tips for customer complaint

5 Tips For Handling Customer Complaints

By |27/02/22|

No matter how great your product or service is, complaints are bound to come up occasionally. Here’s how to manage and learn from customer complaints. Why should you review and improve your complaints policy? If you handle customer complaints proactively, you will: Enhance your

  • Social Media platforms

Top Tips For Managing Business Social Media Accounts

By |27/10/21|

Social media is an important way for businesses to engage with their target audience. Figuring out the best ways to manage your company’s social media accounts can be a frustrating process, especially as algorithms are evolving and new social platforms are popping up everywhere.

  • Call Centres

How Call Centres Can Improve Customer Experiences

By |20/09/21|

Here’s how an outsourced call centre can take your customer experience from average to awesome and foster ongoing loyalty to your business. Outsourced call centres enable your business to provide 24/7 support with minimal hold times Studies have shown that customers who have a complaint

  • Outsource your call centre functions

Why You Should Outsource Your Call Centre Functions

By |23/08/21|

Call centre outsourcing is becoming an increasingly common strategic business decision for New Zealand companies. It enables businesses to manage their customer service functions through a third-party provider, often called a business process outsourcer (BPO). You can use outsourced contact centres for inbound and

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