Christmas time can be hectic for even the most competent customer service teams! Retail companies in particular are often dealing with overwhelming call volumes as not-quite-right gifts are returned or exchanged. Here are our expert tips for better customer support experiences over the holiday period in New Zealand.

Make sure your customers know if your hours are changing over the break

Keep your audience informed via email marketing, website banners and social media platforms about any operations changes and how best to reach your company should they need any assistance. Managing expectations is crucial; if your customers know when to contact you, and whether to expect longer wait times, they are less likely to be dissatisfied!

Pre-empt your sales and customer queries ahead of time

Use your previous Christmas and summer sales as a guide for determining how much stock and how many staff you will need for the holiday period. Then, work alongside your team to develop pre-scripted answers and solutions to the most common queries usually made over the holidays, so those issues can be dealt with as efficiently as possible. To reduce call volumes, it would also be worth including information and solutions to these queries via the FAQ and contact sections of your company website.

Learn what your team needs to deliver efficient customer service during the festive period

Discuss problem areas and customer service concerns with your staff. Those who directly handle the queries will have the most insight on how to make the process run as smoothly as possible, and what extra provisions need to be made to meet demand over the break.

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