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We make it our business to connect with your customers.

Corporate Connect (formerly known as Corporate Call Centre) has been a leading contact call centre and provider of helpdesk services since 1998. In that time, we have handled over 6.5 million inbound calls, texts and emails and made over 5 million outbound calls, texts and emails.

Our multi-platform contact centre services include telephone, web, email, social media, mail, fax, text and online.

We handle all contact centre services personally, 24 hours a day, every day. Your calls won’t be diverted to a mobile or home phone number at any time.

Our contact centre can house up to 150 Customer Service Representatives and our flexible model means we can scale or reduce your contact team based on your specific requirements. For example, you can increase your dedicated resource if you are running an inbound telemarketing campaign or at peak times for telesales. Just as easily, quickly and effectively, you can pull back to a minimum contact crew for helpdesk support or when things are quieter.

Our in-house training team provides all our Customer Service Representatives with comprehensive contact centre training before they work with your customers. They also receive ongoing training, and the quality of their work is regularly and comprehensively assessed.

We leave nothing to chance

Tailored, comprehensive reporting means you always know what is happening and what contact centre services you’re paying for.

Our Corporate Connect training programme includes:

Professional people and skills

Professional telemarketers, telesales and helpdesk support skills

We get you

Understanding your business, services and products

We speak and listen clearly

Good telephone etiquette and effective listening

Quality assurance

In-house systems and quality assurance processes

Workplace legislation

Workplace legislation including The Privacy Act, The Fair Trading Act and The Door to Door Sales Act


National Certificate in Call Centre Operations


Regular call monitoring, individual Customer Service Representative assessments and feedback

“…a smart team of professionals who consistently deliver excellent customer service”

T. Baldwin
Director, Baldwin Asphalts Ltd.

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