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Contact centre services

We help customer-focused organisations to build strong, profitable relationships.

We’re very aware that we represent you, and that your brand and business is judged by how well we interact with your customers. That’s why we tailor our inbound and outbound contact centre services to suit you and the ways you want to communicate.

We offer unmatched contact and call center services to all of our clients across New Zealand. Whether you require short-term or long-term support, we can help tailor a solution that will ensure you stand out from your competitors.

No matter who contacts you or how, we’ll be there to represent you and to assist them – 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

› Information service

› Helpdesks

› Complete switchboard and afterhours services

› Call overflow, busy or no answer

› Virtual reception

› Inbound sales

› Mail management services and data entry

› Media response

› Brochure centre

› Email response

› Full 0800 and 0900 response services

› Account servicing

› Customer help and support

› Customer inquiries, issues, complaints, problem resolution and service order processing

› Billing and collections› End-to-end problem tracking and resolutions

› Customer experience survey, reporting and monitoring

› Support management and job escalation

We can help you effectively and efficiently reach out to your customers for information, updates, appointments and to market your products and services.

› Telesales and tele-marketing

» Direct mail follow-up

» Up-sell and cross sell functions

» Database maintenance

» Data collection

» Selling products and services

› Appointment generation

› Market and product research

› Customer satisfaction surveys

› Customer loyalty programs

› Mystery shopping​​​​

› Data collection

› Lead generation and qualification​​

› Database maintenance

› Customer relationship management​

› Customer retention

› New client acquisition

› Collections

Let us add value to your thinking. Our experienced team can help you strategise, resource and establish your contact programme so it delivers results.

› Contact centre strategic planning

› Contact centre management

› Contact centre staff training

› Provision and payroll management of fully trained Management, Team Leaders and CSR staff to your external contact centre site

› Social media management and response service

› Website support and www interface

We have the technology, systems and experienced people in place to effectively sell your products and services through a range of channels.

› Information and product fulfillment

› Payment acceptance and processing

› Sales reconciliation

Our customised reporting provides access to the statistics and information that are priorities for you. We collect information from each point of contact and call and present it to you in specific, accurate and detailed reports. For example, we can report on:

› Number of calls received

› Number of abandoned calls

› Wait time (before a call is directed to a Customer Service Representative)

› Ring time (before a call is answered by a Customer Service Representative)

› Talk time (call duration)

› Messages received from customers

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