Social media is an important way for businesses to engage with their target audience. Figuring out the best ways to manage your company’s social media accounts can be a frustrating process, especially as algorithms are evolving and new social platforms are popping up everywhere. We’ve put together a few tips for helping your brand stand out on social media to guide you in the right direction!

Understand your brand and target audience

Take time to figure out the tone and messaging you want your brand to use on social media, how you are going to adapt it to your target audience. Your brand ‘voice’ should be consistent, and you need to be sure that your customer base would engage with your messaging.

Your audience will also determine the social platforms you use; older demographics engage more with Facebook, and ‘Gen Z’ are more prolific on TikTok, for example. B2B businesses also often find leads on LinkedIn.

Set goals

Setting goals helps guide your social media strategy, provides a metric for success. Make sure you make your goal realistic, quantifiable against social media metrics, and within an achievable time frame.

Useful social media metrics for businesses to monitor include:

  • Engagement: The number of interactions your content received from social media users
  • Impressions: The number of times social media users saw your content on their timeline, feed or page.
  • Conversions: How many times a person made a purchase or contacted your business after clicking on your content

Engage with your audience

Engaging with your current and potential customer base on social media is important for enhancing the customer experience and increasing brand awareness. Ways to engage with your audience include:

  • Answering questions and comments
  • Asking them questions to stimulate conversation on your posts
  • Organise contests, giveaways, discounts and promotions
  • Recognise loyal customers online (if appropriate)

Make sure your content is worth engaging with!

Your target audience is more likely to engage with relatable, creative content that informs and entertains. Don’t just post an overt sales advertisement every day and expect your audience to grow; you need to create compelling, industry-related posts that add value and interest to the news feeds of your current and potential followers.

Use scheduling tools

Scheduling tools help organize and strategize your content. These tools make it possible to arrange specific times for content to be posted, save time spent managing content and help keep each account consistent with one another.

Follow trends

Learn what is popular on social media and take part in the trends. This could include creating memes, making challenge videos and using hashtags.

Recycle content

It’s okay to reuse posts when the content is still relevant. Doing this may help with time pressure or creative blocks, and give content a second chance to impact your audience.

Make regular posts

Try to use your social media and engage with your audience regularly. A reliable content flow keeps social media users entertained and interested, and satisfies the algorithms on most social platforms.

Happy posting!