How you take care of your customers determines the growth and success of your business. Studies show that a consumer’s decision to buy a product or service not only depends on price and product quality but on customer satisfaction as well. It’s not surprising that the biggest companies in the world invest so much in tools and methods that help establish strong and effective customer relationships.

Good telephone customer service is more than just answering queries and managing complaints. It’s also about genuinely connecting with your customers and understanding their needs.

It’s true that building customer relationships over the phone presents limitations, but there are ways to help you win your client’s trust and loyalty.

Tips to genuinely connect with customers over the phone

Every call counts. When handling a customer service call, time is of the essence, so make sure every word and interaction can help you build rapport through a memorable and productive customer experience.

Here are some of the most effective tips to connect with your customers over the phone.

Customise customer interaction based on their needs

Understanding that customers have different needs is a good start. Treat them as individuals, as real people. They are not just a part of a group or a number on the phone screen. Doing so will help you customise a communication approach that addresses their specific demands.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all formula when handling customer calls. The first thing you should do is listen. The information you get through listening will guide you through the interaction.

Pay attention to details and acknowledge the issues

Successfully figuring out the right approach to handle a customer phone call is just half of the process. The second most important part is taking notes of the details and acknowledging the concerns they raised. Let them know that you are listening attentively through gentle and encouraging responses.

Once they have finished talking, restate their concern. Present a summary that highlights the matters they mentioned. This shows that you care about what they said. It also assures them that you are paying attention.

It’s such a relief to know that the time and effort they set aside for a phone conversation will produce valuable results.

Connect with the customer at an emotional level

Let the experience remind customers that they are talking to a real person, not just a trained machine with fixed and monotonous spiels. Connect with them at an emotional level by being conversational rather than transactional. This is important, especially in handling complaints.

Show empathy when necessary, but don’t stop there. You must also present solutions quickly and turn a bad experience into a productive conversation.

On the other hand, if the tone is positive, answer with the same energy. Make small talk and show them that you’re interested in what they have to say.

The first step to stellar customer service

As a business owner, providing the highest quality customer service to your clients is not just an option; it’s an obligation. A single phone call could make or break your business. You must have the tools and resources to make every call count. The best way to do that is to invest in a highly trained team of client specialists that share your business goals.

Corporate Connect is a leading contact centre in NZ that provides exactly that and more. Our highly trained professionals in telemarketing, telesales, and helpdesk support, as well as in-house systems and quality assurance processes, ensure that your customers are well taken care of. We also offer comprehensive reporting services that are tailor-made according to your goals.

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