If you build a B2B email marketing list full of useful contacts and potential leads, your business will be better able to communicate with your audience and increase your conversion rate. Here’s how your business can attract more email subscribers.

Can I buy B2B email lists?

In a word, no. Email list providers do exist in the market, but explicit agreement from the user is legally necessary to send them marketing emails. Also, purchasing email lists isn’t a sustainable way to build a successful email marketing program; these lists do not necessarily contain people who have interacted with your business before or would get value from your emails.

Here are some tips for getting more B2B email subscribers:

Make sure there is a CTA to subscribe on your website

If clients and website visitors aren’t given the option to subscribe to your emails, they won’t. Make sure there is an obvious subscription form on your website that encourages users to subscribe for company updates and useful industry information.

Include the ‘opt-in’ option on all web forms and pieces of content

Whether someone is requesting a quote, filling out a ‘contact us’ form or reading a blog post, give them the option to opt-in to your email list. This person is already expressing some sort of interest in your company; capitalise on this!

Offer gated downloadable resources

Create educational assets related to your industry that your audience gets access to via email.

The most popular downloadable lead magnets are:

  • eBooks
  • Cheatsheets
  • Checklists
  • Case studies
  • Reports
  • Templates

If your company already has a blog, you could repurpose your existing content – namely, combine a few articles into one in-depth guide or eBook.

Make your email subscription sound compelling

Very few people are eager to sign up to a company newsletter these days. However, if you give your newsletter a bigger concept than just business updates, you could be bringing in far more subscribers! For instance, if you are a property manager, potential clients may not want to sign up for what could essentially just be sales emails from you. But, if you create a newsletter labelled ‘Property Market Insights In Your Area’, and deliver those insights on a monthly basis, you are creating a lead magnet that has more value to your audience than a sales email.

We hope these tips for building your B2B email list have given you some inspiration!