The way you sound when speaking on the phone can make a huge impact on how your callers engage with the conversation, particularly if you are trying to make a successful sales pitch or handle a complaint. While not everyone is blessed with the calming tones of Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough, there are still several techniques you can use to make your ‘phone voice’ more appealing.

Smile when you speak

Even if you’re not in the mood to smile, at least try to relax your facial muscles. A relaxed or positive sounding voice is better than a tense one!


Gestures in speaking exist to strengthen and amplify what you’re saying. As with smiling, some of that physical expression will come through in your voice. If you gesture when you make a critical point on the phone, the caller is more likely to place emphasis on what you just said.

Speak S-L-O-W-L-Y

Pronounce each word clearly and slowly. If your caller does not have to work hard to understand you, they are more likely to continue listening. Speaking at a relaxed pace will also ensure you don’t sound rushed; no one wants to speak with someone who sounds impatient with them, after all.

Take rests in between calls

Take a moment to gather your thoughts after a call. If you sound drained on the phone, those negative feelings may transfer to the caller, whereas a well-rested voice will sound warmer and more engaging.

Act Confident

When you speak confidently, it completely changes your tone of voice. It conveys competence, organization and intelligence, and gives the caller the impression that they are in capable hands. If you’re not a self-assured person, you can at least pretend you are when you’re on the phone!