Fact: Retaining customers is more profitable than finding new customers.  The time, cost and effort involved to attract new customers can be as much as 10 times more.  So, it comes as no surprise companies pull out all the stops to keep the relationship going.

Communicate frequently

Busy lives mean we all need reminding from time to time. Monthly e-newsletters, blog and social posts are ways to reconnect with customers (and potential ones) and keep the conversation open.

Email automation is an effective way to re-engage with customers quickly and methodically.

Collect emails from all channels

Social media, trade shows, retail stores, competitions – anywhere and everywhere your business connects with customers is an opportunity to grow your email database.  Email marketing is the number one way to increase sales, (well above paid advertising), so give it the time and energy it deserves.

Learn about your customer as much as possible

Knowing what customers like about your business prepares you for what they’ll do next. Customer surveys, conversations with staff members, competitions and loyalty rewards get customers talking and provides clues into what pushes their buying buttons.

Learn from everyone who leaves

Customers who complain and leave are 10 times more favourable than those who simply leave. A customer complaint shows where there are holes in your business, giving the business (and staff) a chance to learn and create a better customer experience, going forward.

Be accessible

Websites and social pages that offer no way for customers to contact you scream ”we don’t care”.  It looks shady and often is.  It also misses the chance to build a relationship and isn’t that what every business wants.

Companies that use the services contact centres are actively looking for ways to improve customer retention.  Whether it’s a help desk, virtual reception, media response, general enquiries or email responses, when customers can reach you, a relationship begins.

 Operate morally

No one wants to be taken for a ride and it’s certainly no way to establish long-term customers.  Misleading product descriptions will come back and bite you, the same applies if your business is seen to have a poor employee record.

Honesty, transparency and respect build a brand people can trust.

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