If you want to stand out and improve your chances to grow in your current role it’s important to show employers your rock star skills and prove your worth within the company.

Skills don’t start and stop at qualifications – there are numerous ways your attitude and approach to problems will make you a valuable team member.  Here are the top 5 in-demand skills for the current market.


The pandemic has presented challenges for many people and businesses are looking for practical skills that fit with the changing times.

Employers who can take handle setbacks and adapt to change demonstrate their maturity and will stand out (for the better!)


Looking for ways to upskill, finding new ways to improve processes and helping co-workers are some of the ways you can show you’re not at work to glide, you’re at work to think, discover and improve.

Around 38% of New Zealanders used Covid19 time to learn new skills to keep their minds engaged and their spirits high.


Covid19 has taught us all to ‘chip in’ and do what’s deemed necessary to keep businesses afloat.  Job responsibilities have faded, and team members can wear many hats which are particularly important for small to medium businesses.

Transferable skills

Transferable skills usually come from practical life experiences and should be highlighted and celebrated!  Time management, planning, budgeting, volunteering, administrative skills, fundraising and creative thinking are just examples of excellent skills that shouldn’t be overlooked.


The ability to work independently is a massive drawcard for employers, especially when so many employees are working solely or partly from home these days. Employers want to see employees who don’t need to be policed to get the job done.