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  • Workflow Scheduling

The Best Scheduling Software For Workflow

By |19/07/21|

Which workflow software tool is best for your business? Having the right workflow management software enables teams to streamline business processes, prioritise and collaborate more effectively. Currently the market is almost oversaturated with work scheduling software products, and it’s hard to cut through the

  • happy staff

Tips For Boosting Workplace Morale

By |21/06/21|

Many workplaces have seen major upheaval in the past 18 months, as lockdowns, Zoom calls and economic uncertainty have drastically changed the way we do and view our work. In New Zealand, we have been luckier than most in reverting back to some sense

  • Speaking on phone

How To Perfect Your ‘Phone Voice’

By |21/05/21|

The way you sound when speaking on the phone can make a huge impact on how your callers engage with the conversation, particularly if you are trying to make a successful sales pitch or handle a complaint. While not everyone is blessed with the

  • We hear you

How To Improve Customer Retention

By |14/04/21|

Fact: Retaining customers is more profitable than finding new customers.  The time, cost and effort involved to attract new customers can be as much as 10 times more.  So, it comes as no surprise companies pull out all the stops to keep the relationship

  • Zoom video

5 Skills Every Employer Wants To See Right Now

By |31/03/21|

If you want to stand out and improve your chances to grow in your current role it’s important to show employers your rock star skills and prove your worth within the company. Skills don’t start and stop at qualifications – there are numerous ways

  • Business Meeting

3 Essential Elements For Businesses In 2021

By |20/01/21|

New year new opportunities.   Let’s get this year started and take our challenges from 2020 and return them into a chance to grow. Have a clear vision This is your elevation pitch.  It should be noticeably clear to everyone (yes, staff and customers) what

  • Christmas Shopping

How To Turn Christmas Customers Into Long-Term Customers

By |14/12/20|

Over 60% of Christmas holiday shopping is done online. Though that’s fierce competition it also presents an opportunity for businesses to collect consumer information (location and email address), assess where they are coming from (via Facebook, Instagram, Google etc), and strategise your marketing so

  • Online selling

Customer Service Technology Trends For 2021

By |22/11/20|

First things first. What is customer service technology? It’s making sure your systems, technology (eg: apps, shopping cart etc) and strategies are all working seamlessly together to deliver the very best in customer service. With online shopping and online support not just commonplace today,

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