About Us  

Based in Wellington, we’re proud to be New Zealand owned and operated.  Since 1998 we’ve handled millions of phone calls, texts, emails and social media responses from every organisation imaginable throughout New Zealand.

Our diverse range of services means whoever your customer is, we can help them with their questions and concerns, so you can get on with the business of business.

We can house up to 150 customer service representatives, and each and every one of them is professionally trained in all areas of customer service.

About You

With Christmas less than 9 weeks away, it’s an important time to stand out from your competitors.  Organisation is key and will help you and your staff feel ready and increase the chances of a seamless operation.

We can tailor a solution specifically for your business, charity and government department.  Our experience covers all sectors so you know you are in good hands.  Though inbound and outbound services, reporting and order fulfilment are some of our most popular services, you can see the full range on our services online.

Tips to action now!

Forecast your sales and targets: Anticipate how busy you will be and order extra inventory.  This can also avoid delivery delays which could jeopardise sales.

Boost promotions: Let Corporate Connect collect important data about your customers now so you can tailor your offers and products to suit their needs.  We collect information from each point of contact and call and present it to you in specific, accurate and detailed reports.

If you’re a retailer, expect funds to happen. It’s just par for the course: Check the refund limits on your payment device to avoid any trouble while undertaking refunds and exchanges on unwanted gifts. By filing digital copies of all transaction receipts, you can streamline the process of checking the date, time, and value of sales during refunds.

Communicate with your team: Make sure your entire team is aware of promotions, potential hurdles, holidays and other housekeeping.  If you need extra staff, lock them in sooner rather than later.