Non-for-profit organisations and fundraisers have a hard time getting the script right when it comes to asking for donations. Especially when you’re doing it over the phone.  There’s one face to gauge or body language you instinctively trust.

However, if you get the wording right and demonstrate how they can personally make a real difference, you will see greater results.

Change the word ‘donate’ to ‘support’

It still means the same is this instance but psychologically one says ‘we’re after your money” and the other says “we’re after your support”.   Same but different.   Words like support, help or contribution make people feel empowered.

Get to the point

If you’re calling someone who has donated with your organisation in the past – acknowledge it.  Use their name, introduce yourself and where you are calling from. This will help give them time to remember their previous connection to the organisation.

If it’s a new donor still use their name, introduce yourself and where you are calling from.

After the initial introduction don’t try to become their new best friend. Respect their time and make it clear why you are calling.  Are you asking for a one-off payment or a monthly contribution?

Those initial moments of the conversation should be direct, but personal.  Show them you are human, but a professional human.

Tell them where their money is going

  • Your $20 donation will pay for 3 new trees to be planted.
  • Your $50 donation goes towards building a new well so the village will have fresh water.

If you can give people a realistic scenario of how their money will be used, people are much more likely to donate.  Suddenly it’s a real situation that they can do something about and be proud of.

Show proof of results

  • Last year, $2 million was raised for breast cancer research development.
  • There were 1,000 more kiwi chicks in 2019 from 2018 because local donations paid for predator-control.

People need to know their donation has contributed to real results.  Many people are sceptical that by donating their money will only end up lining management pockets or fit-out the new office space.  And who can blame them when scammers are doing just that!

Where to from here?

At Corporate Connect our highly trained customer-focused staff can help your in-house team draft a professional, yet natural-sounding donation script.  If you’d prefer to outsource this part of your organisation, we can take care of the campaign for you.    Simply call us on 0800 230 000 and find out about other organisations we’ve helped achieve great results.