As a business you aren’t just looking for feedback, you are looking for quality feedback. Feedback which is honest, constructive and give your business genuine insight into how customers see your brand.

Unless their experience has been really bad, customers usually don’t volunteer feedback.  They are more likely to take their business elsewhere in future. Unfortunately, his not only means a lost sale or three, but you lose customer loyalty as well.

Provide ‘live chat’

Live chat can address lots of issues – especially if there is something wrong with a webpage, email form or shipping challenges.  Live chat helps humanise a website and customers appreciate being able to ask short notes and receive prompt responses.  It’s also a great way to ensure customers about Covid19 restrictions or delays.

Create an online survey

This is the perfect opportunity to find out:

  1. Why a customer did/did not purchase from you.
  2. How was the purchasing experience?
  3. What would entice them to purchase again?
  4. Where they heard about you … and so on.

Customers love multi-choice and an incentive to complete the survey, so make sure you offer a discount, free shipping code or enter them int a competition.  Making the survey easy to use and attractive will improve the results tenfold.

Ask for testimonials

The most successful companies tell customers what they want them to do.  It’s amazing how often customers will buy from you when asked to BUY NOW!

Don’t make your customers guess and proactively ask them for a testimonial.

Create a Facebook poll

Creating a quick 2-minute Facebook is a great way for customers to easily interact with your business while you learn what their preferences are.  Poll services, new product ideas, colour differences, packaging preferences – anything you are keen to learn from customers.

Monitor your social channels

Make sure someone from your team is checking social media channels for notifications and questions.  Furthermore, the sooner messages are answered the better your rating

Use automated emails

Map out a marketing journey for your customers and setting up a series of emails to greet new customers, product retargeting, first time buyers and abandoned carts.  Customers may not necessarily give you feedback from these, but they’ll see customer care is important to your brand and harbour some trust.

Encourage customers to add a Google review

As with everything these days, we search on Google first. So, having a collection of reviews on Google is crucial when new customers are thinking about purchasing from you.