It’s hard to make good business decisions without any evidence.  Actually, that goes for all major decisions in life.  Imagine buying a home with a dollar amount you simply picked out of thin air.  You’re just not going to do it, are you?  Instead, you’ll be looking at statistics, trends and talking to the bank manager to determine where and what you can afford.

Most successful businesses are a combination of gut feel/experience/customer insights.  Each as important as the other, but customer insights show you the way forward based on how the company is performing right now.  Today.

Communications (calls or messaging) coming into your call centre are laced with business development gold, giving management first-hand insights into customer behaviour.

Corporate Connect offers customised reports allowing businesses to see the statistics and information which is important to them. Buy collecting information at each point of contact Corporate Connect are able to present specific, accurate and detailed reports.

For example, we can report on:

  • Number of calls received
  • Number of abandoned calls
  • Wait time (before a call is directed to a Customer Service Representative)
  • Ring time (before a call is answered by a Customer Service Representative)
  • Talk time (call duration)
  • Messages received from customers

This information can hold clues about the business and raise questions such as:

  • Is there a common problem with a certain product or service?
  • Are these calls a reaction to a specific promotion?
  • Is our shipping agent reliable?
  • What questions are customers asking? Is there a pattern forming?
  • Have complaints reduced, grown, or stayed the same?
  • How quickly are problems being resolved?
  • What is the busiest call centre day? Do we additional staff?
  • What is the cost per contact?

Measuring is crucial to the success of your call centre, but data needs to be accurate and used effectively to make a real difference.

See how Corporate Connect can improve your business in other ways which will, in turn, improve customer services, generate sales and help build a trusted brand.