Call centre staff wear lots of hats these days.   Long gone are the times when they answered the phone and that was pretty much that.

Today, staff deal with emails, texts, online forms, phone calls, live web chats, social media and apps.  Professional communication skills, sound technical and social media talents and being super organised are essential parts of the job.

But we don’t stop there.  Read on to explore other ways Corporate Connect is a cut above the rest:

Supporting local people and businesses

Corporate Connect is locally owned and operated.  We employ New Zealanders to help New Zealand businesses. This is not an off-shore operation located in a giant warehouse that your business can never put a face to the name.

We often visit a clients’ workplace and place our staff amongst yours.   Let’s say there’s a large promotion coming up and you need additional staff to monitor questions and feedback.  Instead of approaching a temp agency, Corporate Connect supplies you with temporary staff who are trained to do the job right.  This means convenient, reliable, targeted staff for you.

Tailor-made with more options

Strategic planning, product fulfilment, database maintenance and direct mail follow-up are just some of the ways our business can help yours.  See our Services page for the full range – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Measurable results

Where is your company now and where do you want to be?  Our customised reporting provides evidence and help you prioritise.

We collect information from each point of contact and present it in specific, accurate and detailed reports.  Knowledge really is power.

Employ the right people

Employing those with the right skill set is imperative in any job situation. Though Corporate Connect can fulfil a large number of staff for high volume situations, we have a core team of approximately 50 people who are long-standing call centre professionals able to adapt to your business environment quickly and efficiently.

Is it time to connect with your customers more effectively?  Call us on 0800 230 000 or email using the online form.