When it comes to building a cohesive brand for your business, customer service is usually overlooked.  And this is where the business can really suffer when not handled properly.

Brand awareness is when a potential customer recognises a brand from specific characteristics.  It could be the colour, music (jingle), catch-phrase or image the customer recognises. We all know Apple products simply by the apple image and we are heavily influenced by what that apple represents (technology, quality, price point etc).

Let’s say for example you’ve built a successful business delivering meal kits to homes and the brand is all about freshness, simplicity and reliability. Then one day a home delivery is overlooked, coinciding with a tired and stressed working mum and hungry irritable teenagers.  The situation becomes ugly and your brand is now thought of as being unreliable.

Enter the professional call centre.   Done right, this situation can differentiate you from the competition, create positive word-of-mouth and retain this customer for life.  But if your customer service consists of lodging an email which will be dealt with in less than 2 working days or “you’ve called outside working hours” this tired mum won’t give you a second chase!

Outsourcing customer calls with Corporate Connect will:

  1. Ensure customers have someone to talk to after hours.
  2. Reduce the time and stress which comes to hire and train the right people.
  3. Allows you and your permanent staff to concentrate on core competencies.
  4. Makes a disgruntled customer feel heard and gives your company a chance to turn it into a positive situation.
  5. Give management an overall view of problem areas, strength areas and business opportunities to build from.

Each business will have customers with unique needs. Millennials typically want to communicate using the latest in technology (live chat, booking forms, message via social media, etc) while baby boomers feel more comfortable talking to an actual person or an email confirmation.

Corporate Connect delivers customer service experience across the board, based on processes and tools to make your customer feel valued.  Customers will associate your brand with professionalism, reliability and value.  And that’s a brand perception worth keeping.