You really can’t get away with anything these days.

With much of the world’s population in charge of a phone, camera, video and social media apps at the ready, communication has become easier than ever.  And, so has complaining.

We want to help you handle those media complaints with some tried and true steps:

Don’t think that complaint will go away

It won’t. In fact, time is a big part of dealing with a complaint successfully. If an irate customer doesn’t feel listened to, you’re simply just poking an already angry bear.

Time is of the essence
Deal with it quickly and with empathy. Apologise for the situation and what you are going to do about it, eg: “I am sorry to hear that, I will find out what went wrong and resolve this problem”.

Unless the feedback is abusive, don’t be tempted to delete the message. This is your golden opportunity to show other customers you’re not afraid to deal with problems with a prompt and professional response.

Praise those that praise you
Amen, someone left a wonderful review on your Facebook page! Now it’s your turn the type up a comment to repay the compliment. This way, the customer knows that you have seen it and reiterates their trust in the brand. “Hi Bob, and thanks for taking the time to write your review. We are so glad you love our product and look forward to helping you again”.

Go the extra mile
Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What outcome would you want to see from this? Complaints are not necessarily a bad thing. Often these complaints bring attention to parts of the business which need improving, such as better packaging (due to damaged goods on arrival), misleading website information or poor phone manner from a staff member. It’s best you hear about this information now to reduce future mistakes. Can you diffuse the situation with a replacement product or a generous discount on their order? It costs much less than a valued customer walking away.

Respect the process
It is important for staff to be aware of protocol if a serious complaint comes through and businesses should have processes in place to protect all parties involved. At Corporate Connect we have a team of professionals who deal with customer inquiries, issues, complaints and problem resolution. So, if your staff aren’t trained to deal with high-stress situations, talk to us about our specialist training in strategic planning, call customer management and staff training.