Business is booming, clients are placing larger orders, and everything points towards expansion on a nearby horizon.

But with those plans to expand you’d need more customers, and that voice on the phone (or keyboard) is the face of your company.  And we all know how first impressions last.

The number one benefit of having a dedicated call centre is so your employees can concentrate on the job they were employed to do.  Not everyone has the most empathetic or patient phone manner do they?  How would they deal with a complaint without the appropriate training?  How do you present a survey for maximum benefit?

Corporate Connect deals with businesses, not-for-profit organisations and emergency services across the board, helping them with inbound customer enquiries, media response and social media management, to name just a few.

Ask yourself these four key questions to help determine whether a call centre is right for you.

  1. Are there complaints from customers? Has a customer taken their business elsewhere?  If a customer’s question hasn’t been dealt with in a timely manner a negative picture of your company will start to form.  Humans are social creatures and need to feel heard.
  2. Do you have the budget to outsource your sales and support work? We think you’ll be surprised by just how much Corporate Connect specialise in.  Invest in specialists and your costs will pay off.
  3. Are employees splitting their time between generic calls and their real job? If resources are stretched too far, mistakes are made, and no one wins. Especially your customer.
  4. Does your customer database need a spring clean? If there are thousands of people on your marketing database chances are a) contacts have moved on, b) no longer require your service/product or c) they can’t remember what your offer. Make your marketing work hard for you and gain customer insight with our team of database management specialists.  And if you’d prefer someone ‘in-house’ to do it, we can train them like a pro!

Get in touch with us and see how many ways we can take the pressure of you and your staff, to concentrate on the much bigger picture – growth.