Do you really know your customer?  Understanding their buying behaviour, needs and wants is the backbone of any business.  Mystery shopping and customer surveys is a powerful one-two punch into learning a ton from your customers and making sure they stay customers.

Statistically, a new customer costs five times more than a customer you already have. Austin-based marketing company, Outbound Engine, tell us the success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is only 5-20%. Big difference, right?

Let’s have a quick look at these two strategies that so many businesses underutilise and yet hold the answers to so many business question marks.

Mystery Shopping

We’re sure you’ll learn something new and something unexpected from this exercise. Our experienced mystery shoppers go through the buying process from start to finish – asking detailed questions, accessing response time, purchasing in-store and/or online and trained to stop gaps in the process.  This is market research at the coal face and there’s nowhere to hide.


There are surveys and then there are great surveys.  What’s the difference?  It comes down to correct wording and question sequencing that will serve up the best and most detailed answers – without it seeming like hard work for the customer.

How did the customer find you?  What did they want to purchase? Could they find it? How likely is it they will make further purchases/services?  What does your brand say to them?

It’s competitive out there and you want to be ahead of the competition. Actually, you need to be ahead of the competition.

Corporate Connect will collect, collate and analyse the results.  Once you know how your existing customer feels, you will then have a much better chance of winning new customers.

How? By crafting your marketing and brand messages in such a way that your target market will love – and by making informed decisions confidentially and effectively in all areas of your business.

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