Call centres are known for dealing with and solving customer service problems.  Why? So in-house staff aren’t landed with the time, effort and expertise it takes to do it right.

With any business, cost is a driving factor. But like most things in life, the cheapest (or the most expensive for the matter), is not always the best choice.  To know if you are getting bang for your buck, here are some key areas to check when employing a call centre for your business.

Calm Blue Ocean

By the time a disgruntled customer has picked up the phone it’s like a pressure cooker ready to blow.   They have gone beyond their patience point and looking for justice!  Make sure the call centre you work with has experience dealing in high stress situations and can show customer empathy while getting to the source of the problem.

Measure Success

How well did a recent promotion go?  Were customers responsive to the online survey?  A great call centre will provide an accurate and detailed report showing statistics and information from each point of contact (phone, email, social media etc) to help shape your company’s future.

Finely Tuned Communication Skills

Some people confuse communication with simply talking. Communication is listening, digesting information, conveying information and coming up with a positive solution.  The ability to make conversation seem effortless can make your customers feel at ease, knowing they are talking to a real person who is really listening.

Understanding YOUR Business

What do the agents know about your business?  Do they know your products and promotions?   How experienced are the call centre agents?  How do they deal with difficult questions?  Make sure the people on the front line are representing your brand and business the way they should be.

Everyone Loves a Great Burger

Think of it as the difference between an okay burger and a burger made with the best ingredients to hand.  At Corporate Connect, we can help ‘upsize’ your customer satisfaction combo by offering services and experience across the board with agents who know their apples from their pears.

Whether you require short-term or long-term support, we can help tailor a solution which will ensure you stand out from your competitors.