Customer care used to be pretty straight forward.  You phoned the business number, spoke to the right department who hopefully resolved the problem over the phone or had someone visit your home or business to settle the issue.

These days, the competition is fierce, customers are wanting (and expecting) an ‘instant’ result.  And, instead of waiting for the train or bus and talking to the person next to them, everyone is steering down at their phones, trying to fit in as many tasks as possible.

The modern consumer has multiple channels in which to seek help – this isn’t front-page news.  So why are so many businesses stuck with old-world customer care practices?   Fear perhaps?  Or simply not knowing where to start?

If your business is putting the following questions into practice, that’s fantastic!  You’re on the right track to repeat business. If not, don’t worry, you’re about to learn how, and better meet the needs of present and future customers.

How do you engage with new customers?

At Corporate Connect, we characteristically see people in their 20s and 30s communicating via social media, texting and video.  While baby boomers and seniors prefer to talk to an actual person with an empathic ear. This is also a preferred method when customers have complexed questions.  Therefore, with so many ways a customer can reach you, it is imperative to have these bases covered.  A website without a proper contact page, FAQ page and social media icons just look unprepared.

It’s worth remembering many people don’t have a home phone these days, so communication across multiple channels is a must.

How do you make customers feel special?

Listen. Seems like an obvious, but it’s the bread and butter of getting things done right the first time.

Use their name.  It doesn’t need to be said ten times but using a customer’s name just once tell them “I know you are a person”.

Follow up and feedback. Collecting a little slice of customer feedback is Marketing 101. It gives you the ability to ‘tweak’ parts of your business.  Looking for ways to help your business is looking for ways to help business success.

Do you have a FAQ page?  

Put some effort into this web page.  Your customers will thank you for it and feel you have genuinely thought about what they need.  It will also reduce a multitude of repeat-question phone calls and email messages.

Corporate Connect are leaders in customer care

Each call, post, email, tweet and text are an opportunity for your business to prove itself. The aim is not just to solve the customer’s problem, it about creating brand loyalty too.

So, if your sales or customer care team could benefit from a smart team of professionals who have been ‘at the coalface’ – talk to Corporate Connect today about how your in-house team can be even better.