For marketing to achieve great things the marketing plan must include a mixture of channels.

You would only have a Facebook page in your marketing plan, just as you wouldn’t have only grapes in a fruit salad.  Different channels increase the chances of reaching more people while creating a cohesive brand.  And branding is big news when it comes to customer loyalty and perception of what your business is all about.

So, is telemarketing a thing of the past?  Most definitely not!  The key to telemarketing is gaining information.  Unless you are having ‘the sale to end all sales’ a hard sell over the phone will only result in a very short phone call.  Today’s telemarketing is designed to build relationships – not a onetime sale.    Examples include asking customers about a recent survey, offering an at-home insulation quote or following up to see if they’d like to order more coffee beans.  These examples relate to selling without suffocating your customer is sales talk.

And even though marketing channels are far and wide today, the need to talk to a real person will always be there.  Questions about your insurance, trouble with your dishwasher, or is there a gluten-free option? There are thousands of instances where we, as humans like to talk to other humans about what’s on our mind.   Furthermore, there is a reassurance in knowing we have spoken to someone and they are dealing with our questions and working on a solution.

Corporate Connect’s telemarketing experience covers a wide range of business services including:

  • Direct mail follow-up
  • Market research
  • Customer loyalty programmes
  • Appointment generation
  • Database maintenance

See our customer services page for more ways to build strong customer relationships.

Make sure your business gets the right outsourcing partner and employs people who have a history of handling customers with difficult questions or unhappy customer experiences.  Whether you require short-term or long-term support, Corporate Connect can help tailor a solution to ensure your personal touch will stand out from your competitors.