Hired the wrong person before? It’s an expensive error, isn’t it? The wrong skills, unable to get along with others or lack of experience can be a heavy blow to your brand, especially if the wrong person is the initial contact – the call centre.  

 It’s a demanding task and not a job for everyone. But at Corporate Connect we are leaders in delivering staff who can handle stressful situations and offer versatility to solve problems and make customers feel important. 


A customer may have a long story to tell so patience is crucial. A good call centre agent will listen to the whole story to gauge what to do next.


All a customer wants is for your call centre to walk in their shoes. We’ve ALL been a customer and we’ve all experienced bad service. Thankfully, we’ve all experienced great service too, and empathy is the difference.

Product and service knowledge

Corporate Connect leaves nothing to chance, training our staff so they fully understand your business, services and products. Your brand and culture are a large part of your business and this is something Corporate Connect don’t cut corners on. 


Agents should be swift to respond across the marketing channels, from LiveChat to social media feedback to emails ad phone conversations. By the time the customer has reached the contact stage, they are already frustrated with a lack of service, communication, timing or all three. 


Anyone who rings a call centre with a problem is not looking for a one-size-fits-all answer. An experienced call centre agent has the confidence and know-how to think about the problem a little harder. 


Don’t make the customer guess. They don’t want to tell their story to four different people – just as anyone would be annoyed at repeating their story. 

“I am now going to transfer you to our specialist in this field”. “I am will call you back this afternoon with an estimated time for you”. “You can call me directly on this number if you need to”. These sentences are music to your customer’s ears. They feel heard and trust that a solution to their problem is not far away.  

Corporate Connect has and continues to work with an enormous variety of industries, taking the time to understand your world and the needs of your customers.