Looking for business opportunities to win, retain and grow your customer base in 2020? Start the year off with a bang by instigating these consumer trends.

Socially and environmentally conscious

This is a biggie.

Sustainable products are now widespread and affordable.  If you offer a product or service similar to your competitor, but they are community-focused and use recycled materials you can bet your bottom dollar your cheap-and-nasty plastic alternative will come second.

Business model Eat My Lunch does this beautifully because not only is a delicious meal made and delivered to you at your place of work, a child who would otherwise go hungry is gifted a lunch as well.  They make a profit because they a) make a great product b) offer food choices, c) offer convenience d) give customers that feel-good factor, and e) fulfil a social need that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Tip: consumers aren’t just searching for eco-friendly they are also searching for ego-shame.


Whether its reordering contact lenses, offering products recommendations or email automation reminding customers of your products and/or services means they don’t have to worry about remembering.  You do it for them.

The popularity of online bookings is growing fast! Consumers can see at a glance a day and time to suit without the need of toing and froing through emails and phone calls.

Live Chat

Allowing customers to chat in real-time is one of the best ways to improve customer engagement.

Typically, when a customer is at the live chat stage they are either a) ready to buy or b) have a complaint they urgently want resolving.

Update your social media

When was the last time you got a customer review on Facebook? Being active on social channels regularly gives the impression you haven’t forgotten your customers.  Dealing with questions on social media is crucial.  Seeing an unanswered question that’s four weeks old or your company’s most recent post dating back to 2017 isn’t a good look.

You are better off shutting the page down and finding a different social channel to interact with customers.  Don’t try to be all things to all people and focus on one or two media channels where your typical customer will be looking for you.


Services and products that make a customer’s life easier shout “we understand your problem and we want to help”.   Companies like My Food Bag and HelloFresh are great examples, delivering meal ingredients and recipes so customers know they have everything on-hand to make meals for the following week.

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