Being a boutique contact centre in an industry dominated by huge international players means Corporate Connect has to work a little differently to the competition.

Of course, the company is still on the ball when it comes to covering the wide range of digital channels which companies and their customers expect us to cover – and we have a dedicated team of experts with skills dealing with emails, texts, online forms, phone calls, live web chats, social media and apps.

But we also thought you might like to see how we operate differently to give your company a winning edge over your competitors too.

Changing skills:

One of the major things that’s changed over the nearly two decades Corporate Connect has been up and running is the type of person who we employ. These days they have to have more skills than they did when call centres were just places where they answered phones – now they have to be exceptional over a range of different media. Where once we needed people who spoke beautifully, had nice tones and a friendly voice – well now we need them also to have their written communication up to the to the same standard. And we need them to understand that written communication is quite different when you’re working in email as opposed to social media. So where once it was about having a nice voice, and then a nice voice with decent tech skills, now we’re talking about needing a nice voice, decent technical skills and good written communication skills.

How we work with you:

Our size means we’re also able to work more closely with our clients to build up both shared knowledge and loyalty. What Corporate Connect does differently to other contact centres is that we will often go out into clients’ workplaces and place a number of Customer Service Representatives with them. So, for example, if a client has a special project and needs an extra three staff to cover it, then instead of having to go to a temp agency, they can come direct to us and we can supply our Customer Service Representatives who are already trained to a certain level. In that way, they get both the benefit of trained staff with a good work ethic coming from a reliable source, and the bonus of an ongoing relationship with a company in which there are staff who know far more about their company. The Customer Service Representatives learn a lot of skills from being in a client company’s environment and those skills translate into a better service during the project and in a more expert understanding of the company going forward.

Who we employ:

Although we can bring in large numbers of staff to cover project and high levels work, Corporate Connect works with a core “family” of around 45-50 staff which allows us both to be flexible to your company’s needs and also to be mindful of our staff’s work environment. We have a low staff turnover with many people lasting more than 10 years at the company and a tendency to ask employees for advice about bringing in new staff when we do have vacancies. Because New Zealand is a melting pot of cultures, it’s also important for us to have a friendly range of accents at the other end your phone lines to reflect the type of company you are – that’s why we have trained staff ranging from school-leavers and people with or training for degrees, through to working mums or backpackers looking for short-term project work while they’re enjoying their OE. What’s important is that we train our staff (and full in-house training can take nine months to complete) to reflect a New Zealand work ethic for New Zealand companies and organisations.

For more information on how Corporate Connect can help your company connect better with your clients and customers contact us on 0800 230 000 or email us via the website.