Well, who’d have thought we’d see days like these?

A mix of forced rest, reconnecting with loved ones, fear and hard financial times.

The majority of us wonder what business will look like in New Zealand for the rest of 2020.  Though we cannot know for sure (due to lack of a crystal ball), we are confident these changes will follow:

Part-time staff

Unfortunately, we expect to see a reduction in work/income for full-time staff, so businesses don’t haemorrhage from the fallout of Covid19 restrictions.  This could be temporary (for a few months) or turn into a permanent fixture.   Only time will tell.

More people working from home long term

Though many are working at home with children in tow, some are finding they are achieving the same, if not more, work than usual.  How?  We believe it is due to a reduction in meetings and endless interruptions which helps employees stay focused and on-task.  Those who are working, are also very grateful to be doing so, and this could translate into company loyalty.


If there was ever a time when businesses are seriously looking at the bottom line – this is it.  Some companies may be looking to out-source key areas of the business to contractors so they can cut back on holiday pay, sick pay and pay for a specific period only or one-off projects.

Call Centre Help

Over the coming months, businesses will experience a lot of inbound calls and emails regarding essential goods, customer safety, opening hours and all manner of how things will operate in the foreseeable future.

Corporate Connect can help your business with:

  • Information service
  • Helpdesks
  • Complete switchboard and after-hours services
  • Call overflow, busy or no answer
  • Virtual reception
  • Inbound sales
  • Media response
  • Email response
  • Full 0800 and 0900 response services

Whatever changes your business has to adapt to over the coming months, we wish you the very best and hope staff and profits return to normal as soon as possible.