Today, so much is automated by technology, you could be forgiven for thinking why you need humans to run the customer service side of your business anymore!  Yes, there are many frequently asked questions to answer a lot of enquiries, but technology will always lack some vital human qualities, like these …

Kindness and Empathy

Each customer is a unique situation. Some situations you couldn’t possibly predict – this is where kindness is needed the most. The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes can make an enormous difference to a customer’s day.

Sense of humour

Sometimes a good laugh is the best medicine of all.  And because people buy from people and not from businesses, showing a personal side gives them someone they can relate to.


Imagine experiencing a national disaster (eg: Christchurch earthquakes) and you had to talk to a machine or answer a series of computerised questions?  That isn’t showing your customers compassion and understanding.  Stressful times such as those require human compassion and at Corporate Connect, we have hands-on experience with specialist government projects, setting up contact centres.

Life skills

Humans can be complexed characters.  Life skills teach us all to adapt and find ways to effectively deal with life’s tricky situations. Corporate Connect’s customer service representatives are well-mannered, mature and patient.  They have been fully trained to deal with a wide variety of situations – from accident and recovery response to lead generation and payment processing.  

Common sense

When it comes to insurance policies, banking, billing services and rural servicing – one response does not fit all!  Effective listening can get to the root of a problem and makes a customer feel truly heard.

If you’re looking for a smart team of professionals who consistently deliver excellent customer service, then you’ve come to the right place.  Does your business need additional help during Covid-19 lockdown?  Are your customers scrambling and looking for answers?  Corporate Connect can help you through it and come out the other side.