Wanting to retain customers is a no-brainer.  It’s historically cheaper than finding new customers and businesses use the information from current customers to up-sell and re-market to.  But some are doing it much better than others.  Here’s how you can be one of them:

Get them talking about themselves

The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to sell them a product or service they want.  Actively seeking information from them through reviews, online surveys and email follow-ups makes it easy for customers to tell you what they think.  Thank each respondent with a special offer, free shipping, or a competition entry.  After all, this information is market research gold!

Embrace social media

Consumers have changed the way we do business.  Think about it. When you are interested in a new brand you go looking for more information about them online, right?  You’ll go searching for their website, look at how current their Facebook page is, and do they have any google reviews.  If you come up empty-handed it can leave doubt in your mind and you are much more likely to seek out the competition who makes it easy for you to find them.

Problem solve

There are few things more frustrating thank not being heard. When a customer has a complaint (and this will happen to all businesses at one time or another) make sure they can contact you across the marketing board. Some prefer email, some prefer social media while others need to talk to a real live person either in person or over the phone. The later is still very popular in this digital age as it allows a company to show empathy and makes the customer feel less like a number.

Empower customers with convenience

Since Covid19 shook local businesses to the core, businesses are adapting how they talk to customers.  Apps to order their morning coffee, online tutorials and Instagram stories.

OPSM allows regular contact lens wearers to sign up for a subscription plan which offers convenience and value for money.  Hassle-free refills with automatic delivery and a 25% discount off the normal price makes it easy for customers and guarantees income for OPSM.

Automated emails

Abandoned carts, welcome new subscribers and blog updates are marketing strategies to remind customers of what you have to offer.   And, because many marketing platforms such as Mailchimp offer these features as part of their software, it’s a matter of design it and forget it and the rest is taken care of.