In 2015, the sales of the LEGO Group reached US$2.1 billion (NZ$3 billion), making it the largest toy company in the world in terms of revenue. Each year, its contact centres deal with 1.8 million calls and emails worldwide across 3 sites.

The group’s motto from the start infused the company with an ethos that continues nowadays: ‘the best is never too good’, and LEGO is truly an innovative place as far as management in a general sense is concerned. Let’s have a look at what you can learn from their contact centres.

Treat all contacts with the same importance

Whether it is a production query impacting the whole factory or a child’s letter, LEGO records and treats all inbound contact with the same importance. In the age of social networks when a single customer can vent their frustration worldwide thanks to social media, it is a very wise approach indeed.

The ‘Go, Look, See’ approach

In a busy workplace like contact centres, it is easy for managers to rely on reports and second-hand information to resolve problems quickly. LEGO have adopted the ‘Go, Look, See’ approach where supervisors investigate issues themselves to gain first-hand understanding of the root cause, by sitting with an agent to witness a situation as it happens live, for example.

Align the voice of your centre by ‘writing to’ a specific persona

Creating persona representing groups of customers is common when developing sales and marketing strategies and extending it to your contact centre will ensure that your company’s ‘voice’ is consistent across all areas of your business which strengthens your brand.

LEGO’s standard letter templates, for example, are ‘written to’ an 8-year-old boy called Max, to ensure that the tone they use and the language are understandable by their end users. Of course, their fun tone wouldn’t be appropriate for complaints so they also have templates for parents.

Peer-to-peer recognition

Team spirit is crucial to create a positive workplace in which agents will perform better. LEGO put in place a light-hearted and effective system of peer recognition with ‘Number 1’ vouchers: agents can give each other those vouchers to thank a colleague for helping them with something. As simple as it may sound, a pat on the back will always go a long way when it comes to morale.

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