If you are a contact centre manager, one of your biggest headaches is probably how to retain staff in an industry where turnover is notoriously high. Each time an employee leaves, knowledge goes with them, and new members need to be trained, costing the company money and quality of service.

To keep employees, you need a decent pay package which could include performance-related bonuses and perks, but financial rewards are not the only factor that influences our decision to stay or leave a company. In many ways, ultimately, the environment we work in will weigh as much, if not more, than what gets transferred to your bank account each month.

We look at the non-financial schemes you can put in place which will make it impossible for your employees to want to leave:

Train Your Staff

Although it will be an additional cost, helping your staff grow through professional training and further education will pay dividends. From a business point of view, a staff member with varied skills will provide your customers with better service, which is priceless. From their point of view, they will feel valued by the fact that you are investing in them and are thinking long term.

Be Flexible

Whether your contact centre is in house or you manage an outsourced call centre, your staff’s workload is driven by external needs. You will rely on them being flexible to cope with peak call volumes, so return the favour and give your agents some flexibility. You could, for example, allow them to swap shifts with each other. It won’t cost you a cent and it will earn you some good will.

Vary agents’ work

It is undeniable that being a call agent is hard work and can be repetitive, so try moving your staff around departments once in a while. It will refresh their commitment, boost their morale and teach them more about the company which can only be a good thing for you as it will improve the quality of your team and the service they can deliver to customers.

Promote from within

Promoting from within is a win-win. You already know the candidates and their potential, and it will save you spending time and money on recruitment from the outside.

From your staff’s point of view, it is very motivating to know that they can progress quickly, and it will give you employees who work hard to impress you.