Scripts are undeniably useful in a contact centre when you need to give customers specific information such as contractual terms, to ensure that nothing is left out. It also helps your call agents consistently follow the tone that your brand wants to set. Likewise, it can be invaluable in technical centres when troubleshooting for example.

The problem with scripts is that it is easy to start sounding robotic as you go into ‘Read’ mode. Even if you are not using a script but it’s just the end of the day and your agents are tired.

So here are some tips to avoid this pitfall.

Use scripts for reference only

Unless a script must be read as such for legal reasons for example, only rely on it to provide you with a structure to your conversations. Surveys have shown that customers really dislike having a script read at them. They feel that it betrays a lack of knowledge on your staff’s part and they trust companies more if the contact agents engage in a real exchange with them.

Be empathetic

With a myriad ways to communicate with companies, it has been shown that phone calls are somewhat of a last resort in customers’ journeys. This means that phone conversations will often be about complex queries that couldn’t be resolved any other way than by talking to a person and, unfortunately, they are likely to include a fair share of complaints for outstanding problems.

It is therefore essential that agents show empathy to deal with the feelings that will have led someone to call if necessary as much as resolve the issue itself as it is the only way to ensure that that customer’s perception of the company will be restored positively.

Be personal

Even if you have to follow a script, you can soften it with those simple tips. A good way is to use the information the customer has given you by referring to it in the conversation. It will also allow you to double-check that you have understood the real object of the call. Don’t do it for every single piece of information though or you may sound to start like a simpleton!

Then, using the caller’s name will also personalise the communication but don’t overdo it as you will start sounding insincere.