You’d be forgiven for thinking call centres were the fashion back in the 1980’s, or that they’re all based in a far-off land which has no real connection to the company they say they work for.

Corporate Connect is a proud New Zealand contact centre helping thousands of organisations to build strong, profitable relationships with their customers.

With a large pool of expertise working with organisations, corporations, specialist government sectors and everyday businesses, Corporate Connect work to build an open, collaborative and results-oriented partnership with you and your customers.

Say, for instance, your home suffered considerable damage from the Canterbury earthquake.   Suddenly you need to talk to:

  • Local hospital – checking to make sure loved ones are safe.
  • Your insurance company – need to make a claim.
  • Civil Defence – what to do and where to go. How big is the problem outside your front door?

All these sectors are overrun with people in a similar situation needing answers and assurance.  Fast.  Enter a knowledgeable and professionally run call centre to field thousands of calls from distraught locals and give them accurate information.

Some people prefer online forms, FAQ pages, live chat, texting and email (which we also specialise in).  But sometimes you don’t feel ‘heard’ unless you’ve spoken to another human being.  Humans are sociable, empathetic animals and ‘clearing the air’ is an important part of customer relations and after sale service.  Especially if your customer’s experience or question is a curly one.

For most businesses, the customer care centre or call centre is the first, and lasting impression your customer will have of your brand and values. So, if those people at the coalface don’t project a great impression it’s a long road getting customers to change their mind about it.  The best call centres are merely an extension of your organisation.

We can help you with data collection, surveys, website enquiries, media response and account servicing, however, this is merely the tip of the iceberg.  We can work with your existing customer care team as well to help with:

  • Staff training (including management)
  • Reports of calls received, wait time, talk time and abandoned calls
  • Payment processing
  • Strategic planning

Give us a call today on 0800 230 000 and discover how a New Zealand based call centre can make your organisation the best version of itself.