As we have discussed in previous articles, a phone call has become somewhat of a last resort for customers wanting to contact a company. You would have thought that it would spell the end of the call centre, but, on the contrary, it has increased its activity by providing new communication channels such as social mediaweb chatInstant Messaging and video chats.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is how crucial it is for brands to get their customer service right – in saturated markets, this is often the criterion that will break or make a company – and maintaining your standards when your contact centre is growing is vital.

Managing this change yourself will involve possibly finding a new site, sourcing and fitting new equipment, advertising for and recruiting new staff. Even for larger contact centres, the drain on human resources and finances is considerable and can cause a company to lose focus and compromise the success of its expansion.

There are several ways you can control the inevitable disruption of such a big change. Buying or even leasing a new site, for example, will consume a lot of human resources, even if you have a dedicated property manager. What is known as “serviced offices” may offer a better solution.

With serviced offices, a third party will provide you with a property completely fitted out to your requirements, facilities management and support services. Apart from saving your company time, it is also a great solution financially because you are charged a fixed sum every month and it enables you to budget without any bad surprises.

Although operating a single site has its advantages, spreading your contact centres over multiple sites can offer unexpected benefits: if you feel that you have exhausted the pool of local talent, it gives you the opportunity to reach out in a new area to find quality staff.

Technology is also at hand to help. While growing your contact centre in the past would have meant purchasing phone systems, VoIP has made it much simpler to increase – and decrease – your call capacity, literally by flicking a switch.

If you are reluctant to go through this process, there is an even easier solution, outsourcing, and this is where CorporateConnect can help you. You can hire extra capacity without financial risk, whether long term or to deal with seasonal increase of calls.

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