Understanding your audience is crucial to the success of any company. Likewise, being able to predict your customers’ behaviour will enable you to prevent undesirable outcomes, which is particularly useful for contact centres.

Here are a few techniques to help you:

Track and monitor your Preventable Call Rate (PCR)

Most contact centres measure their efficiency using First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates. This is indeed an important indicator, but how about if the same customers call you back with secondary queries?

PCR, the Preventable Call Rate, focuses on preventing those ‘follow-up’ queries by identifying them during the first call using speech analytics and call reason codes. By collecting this data, you will be able to tell confidently that if customers calls for X reason, they are likely to call back to follow up with Y. So you will just need to address Y during the first call to prevent the second one.

Evaluate customers’ emotional state

Real-time speech analytics can help you assess the emotional state of a customer during a phone call. When they become stressed or frustrated, the agent can be guided through a pre-set route to ensure that it doesn’t escalate and that the call has a positive outcome.

Track behavioural patterns across your database

By analysing business activity and behaviours across your database, you can build a comprehensive understanding of what motivates your customers to buy from you or contact you. This will help you to predict a sequence of interactions and deliver better customer service.

Don’t base assumptions on a customer’s demographic

It is very common to use demographics to segment markets, but when it comes to behavioural analysis, it would be a mistake to give age too much significance. While it is true that the older generation may favour a phone call and the younger one online services, you will also find common behaviours visible through all age ranges so make sure you use previous behaviour, not age, to monitor customers’ interactions.

Connect different sources of information

We live in a world of omni-channel communication so only analysing behaviour across all of them will give you a comprehensive picture. Website, online self services, chats, phone calls, etc… All this needs to be collected and mapped.

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