Why Use Contact Centre Services for Your Business

If you think about contact centres, you may be picturing a massive operation with thousands of agents in anonymous little cubicles. While it is true that large companies may have a need for something that size, even a smaller company can benefit from using a team dedicated to communicating with customers. Continue reading

Top Reasons to Use Chat in Contact Centres

Ahead of social media, emails and mobile Apps, chat is the fastest growing communication channel in contact centres. Immediate and more personal, it gives customers instant replies to their questions and is more cost effective for call centres. If you don’t already have agents dedicated to manning chat services, here are the reasons why you should. Continue reading

How Customers Make Decisions

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In this day and age, we like to think of ourselves as educated consumers who make decisions logically after shopping around and weighing pros and cons. However, is it really true? Everybody can recall instances of purchasing something they absolutely didn’t need just because they wanted it. And if shops line the checkouts with chocolate snacks, it is because ‘impulse buying’ is alive and well and our decision-making process isn’t as logical as we would like it to be. Continue reading