How to Effectively Establish Customer Relationships Over the Phone

Establishing customer relationships -contact centre team answering calls from customers

How you take care of your customers determines the growth and success of your business. Studies show that a consumer’s decision to buy a product or service not only depends on price and product quality but on customer satisfaction as well. It’s not surprising that the biggest companies in the world invest so much in tools and methods that help establish strong and effective customer relationships. Continue reading

Email Marketing Tools to Connect with Customers

Talk to any marketing manager and they’ll tell you the importance of the creation and maintenance of customer touchpoints. Email marketing may sound like an old hat but it’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to maintain connections with clients and customers. Email marketing tools help to curate & create engaging campaigns so you can create meaningful connection with customers at the touch of a few well-placed buttons.  Continue reading

How to get back into your work routine after the summer holidays

Feeling the post-holiday blues? Us Kiwis have been lucky to have exceptionally good weather over January in 2022, and the opportunity to reunite with loved ones from all over the country as public health restrictions have eased. So, this working year might be feeling harder to crack into than most. Here’s some advice to help you get back in the swing of things. Continue reading

How to keep up with customer service over the Christmas break

Christmas time can be hectic for even the most competent customer service teams! Retail companies in particular are often dealing with overwhelming call volumes as not-quite-right gifts are returned or exchanged. Here are our expert tips for better customer support experiences over the holiday period in New Zealand. Continue reading

Top tips for managing business social media accounts

Social media is an important way for businesses to engage with their target audience. Figuring out the best ways to manage your company’s social media accounts can be a frustrating process, especially as algorithms are evolving and new social platforms are popping up everywhere. We’ve put together a few tips for helping your brand stand out on social media to guide you in the right direction! Continue reading

Why you should outsource your call centre functions

Call centre outsourcing is becoming an increasingly common strategic business decision for New Zealand companies. It enables businesses to manage their customer service functions through a third-party provider, often called a business process outsourcer (BPO). You can use outsourced contact centres for inbound and outbound contact and call services, lead generation, helpdesk services, sales order fulfilment and product research. Continue reading

The Best Scheduling Software for Workflow

Which workflow software tool is best for your business?

Having the right workflow management software enables teams to streamline business processes, prioritise and collaborate more effectively. 

Currently the market is almost oversaturated with work scheduling software products, and it’s hard to cut through the noise to determine which platform is best for your team. Continue reading