What to Consider Before Repatriating Contact Centres from Offshore Locations

A decade or so ago was the scene of a great exodus, that of call centres being relocated off shore. Driven by the need to control costs, it provided companies with cheaper labour, although it was sometimes to the detriment of quality. However, there have recently been cases of high-profile corporations, such as British Telecoms, one of the biggest players in telephony in the UK, deciding to bring their contact centres home after customer complaints. Continue reading

The Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Self-Service Call Centres

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Self-service AIs are becoming increasingly sophisticated and able to handle more complex queries. This is good news for customers and contact centres as the formers can access simple information without having to wait for an operator to be available, while the latters can re-allocate the freed-up agents to other parts of the contact centre that need human input. Continue reading

Top 5 Tips to Improve Call Quality Monitoring

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Call quality monitoring should be at the heart of process improvement in contact centres. It will, of course provide you with invaluable information about people’s experience when they call you, but also with wider-ranging data such as requirements for training programmes, assessing whether your equipment and systems are delivering what your business needs, and ways to motivate your staff. Continue reading

How Customers Make Decisions

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In this day and age, we like to think of ourselves as educated consumers who make decisions logically after shopping around and weighing pros and cons. However, is it really true? Everybody can recall instances of purchasing something they absolutely didn’t need just because they wanted it. And if shops line the checkouts with chocolate snacks, it is because ‘impulse buying’ is alive and well and our decision-making process isn’t as logical as we would like it to be. Continue reading

How to Grow Your Contact Centre Without Losing Focus

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As we have discussed in previous articles, a phone call has become somewhat of a last resort for customers wanting to contact a company. You would have thought that it would spell the end of the call centre, but, on the contrary, it has increased its activity by providing new communication channels such as social media, web chat, Instant Messaging and video chats. Continue reading