Why Use Contact Centre Services for Your Business

If you think about contact centres, you may be picturing a massive operation with thousands of agents in anonymous little cubicles. While it is true that large companies may have a need for something that size, even a smaller company can benefit from using a team dedicated to communicating with customers. Continue reading

What to Consider Before Repatriating Contact Centres from Offshore Locations

A decade or so ago was the scene of a great exodus, that of call centres being relocated off shore. Driven by the need to control costs, it provided companies with cheaper labour, although it was sometimes to the detriment of quality. However, there have recently been cases of high-profile corporations, such as British Telecoms, one of the biggest players in telephony in the UK, deciding to bring their contact centres home after customer complaints. Continue reading

How to Grow Your Contact Centre Without Losing Focus

Businessman pointing to growth in a line graph showing business

As we have discussed in previous articles, a phone call has become somewhat of a last resort for customers wanting to contact a company. You would have thought that it would spell the end of the call centre, but, on the contrary, it has increased its activity by providing new communication channels such as social media, web chat, Instant Messaging and video chats. Continue reading