The Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Self-Service Call Centres

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Self-service AIs are becoming increasingly sophisticated and able to handle more complex queries. This is good news for customers and contact centres as the formers can access simple information without having to wait for an operator to be available, while the latters can re-allocate the freed-up agents to other parts of the contact centre that need human input. Continue reading

When Having Your Head in the Cloud(s) Is a Good Thing

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In a previous blog, we looked at how contact centres are usually perceived as “Cost Centres” and how businesses often fail to turn this around by exploiting this gold mine of data. Indeed, call centres and IT decision makers have always been under pressure to run them in more cost-effective ways without compromising quality and productivity. Continue reading

How to Use Speech Analytics to Improve Key Performance Indicators

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According to industry experts, speech analytics is one of the fastest growing areas of the contact centre technology market, and with good reasons. In an extremely competitive world, the future doesn’t necessarily belong to the businesses shouting loudest, but perhaps to those that can truly listen to their customers and learn from it to deliver outstanding service. Continue reading